Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Dryden Smith added to fill Athletic Trainer / Equipment Manager position

Dryden Smith has been added as Athletic Trainer / Equipment Manager.  Dryden fills the position after Jarett Waldbauer and Dave Melnychuk shared the duties last season.

“Dave and Jarett did a great job last season.  Dave stepped up and assisted for as long as he could, but he has other commitments at this point in time.  Jarett is highly qualified, but also has a career away from the Millionaires.  We are adjusting to make sure we continue to benefit from Jarett’s Kinesiology training and he will remain in a number of capacities that fit his schedule.  Both men have been great assets to the organization for many years and no doubt will always be deeply entrenched in the Millionaire Family.  We simply needed to add an individual who could be here the full day / full season.  Dryden is that guy.  This is an important position, as they take care of the players, equipment and maintain the dressing room. ” stated Mike Rooney.

Dryden Smith arrives from Warman, Saskatchewan.  After attending Nursing School, Smith has elected to follow another passion and did not hesitate to come to Melville.