Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Regular Season Plan to start September 25

The SJHL is hoping to start with 50 per cent audience capacity in its rinks in the fall and a hoped for start date of September 25.    “The SJHL has asked for 50 per cent capacity of each team’s arenas for attendance starting on September 25 until October 14. From October 14 to December 20 we have asked for 75 per cent capacity,” said League manager Bill Chow on July 13.
Starting December 20, the League would like to see 100 per cent capacity allowed.    “In speaking with teams, being at 50 per cent capacity although not perfect, they are understanding and will abide by the protocols, once approved by Saskatchewan Health Association,” Chow said.
The protocol has been submitted to the Saskatchewan Health Association for approval, but no decisions have been made yet and more details will not be made public until approval is granted.   The Melville Millionaires have camp planned for September 12 with the understanding that there could be alterations with direction from the Saskatchewan Health Association.
The Saskatchewan Government and Saskatchewan Health are supportive of the Saskatchewan Jr Hockey League and the process in creating the protocols, Chow said.  “As hockey people we have to bear in mind, everything is subject to change and since March 14, hockey has changed and will continue to change,” he stated.