Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

SJHL Draft Changes Throughout Covid

The 2022 SJHL Bantam Draft will be held in June.  This is the first draft since the 2005 born group were drafted in 2020.  The 2022 SJHL draft will consist of 6 rounds of 2006 born players followed by 2 rounds of 2007 born players.  This assists teams in balancing out their “prospect pool” and enable teams to connect with both age groups.  The Covid shutdowns has created a “disconnect” for teams and scouting, so this allows teams to catch up.

“Many things have changed over these two years”, stated General Manager / Head Coach Mike Rooney.  “I am sure there will be more adjustments for the 2023 draft.  Player development
has impacted everyone a bit different”.  “As an organization we simply keep focused on knowing the players – ask our people to be prepared for anything.”
The Melville Millionaires are excited about the upcoming draft and this season they have proven they are committed to having young players in the lineup.  A total of five (5) of the 2005 dr
aft selections played games this season as 16 year olds, not too mention many other 2004 born prospects who also had the opportunity to play at 17.  “Really hard to believe it has been two y
ears since we came in and conducted our first draft with our new group”.  We hope we can have the same success as we did with the 2005 group”, expressed Director of Scouting Mark Penny.  “Mike (Head Coach) utilized twelve U18 eligible players in the lineup this season.  That is incredible, but also places an importance on how we draft”.
The Melville Millionaires will continue to build with young players they draft and develop, but will search “far and wide” to find players to improve.  Individual Development and Team Success run parallel.