Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

The Melville Millionaires Junior Hockey Club will be conducting our 2023 Spring Showcase  at the Horizon Credit Union Centre in Melville, Saskatchewan.  Dates will be confirmed prior to January 15.
Camp features players currently competing in elite U15 and U18 level hockey.   Those attending from beyond Saskatchewan must be graduted from U18 eligibility.  This is a Hockey Canada rule that does not permit U18 and younger eligible players to attend camps out of province.
This event allows our Scouting Staff to compare, evaluate and interview Melville Millionaire prospects.   All 2007 / 2008 Saskatchewan born players will be evaluated / interviewed in preparation of the SJHL Draft in June.
Players and parents are provided the opportunity to experience and develop an understanding of the professional operation of our program.  Each player will meet with a member of our Scouting Staff at the conclusion of Showcase. Players from this event will be selected to attend our Main Tryout Camp in August.  Those showing they meet our criteria may be signed to our 2023 roster immediately out of this Showcase.
In addition to skills and competitive game sessions, players will participate in our Athletic Testing Combine.  Players will receive written feedback regarding their testing scores and will be presented with “comparable data” of their peer group along with Melville Millionaire fitness standards. Our Athletic Testing Combine is part of our Player Development Plan, that enables our staff to assist players in reaching their goals.
Please contact us for more information.  The Registration Form is now active.  Please note we have the right to screen all who register.

Spring Showcase Registration Form

Use the link below to download our Recruiting Information Package

Recruiting Package Melville Millionaires 2023

Kindly understand, space is limited and we do reserve the right to “screen” participants upon receiving your registration