Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Become a Billet

Each season the Melville Millionaires recruit talented hockey players who show great potential to play at the Junior level. In order to take advantage of this great opportunity, the players need families willing to share their homes, and become a “Home Away from Home” for them. The importance of the billet families to the Melville Millionaires organization is immeasurable.
Many of our billet families have done this for dozens of players from all over Canada. These boys, ages ranging from 16-20, have been able to complete their high school educations, take classes at the local college, hold part time jobs and volunteer in our community while pursuing their hockey dreams.
In most cases very strong bonds are made between the player and his billet family as well as the player’s family. These relationships will often carry on for many years after the player has left the team. Often billet families can be seen following “their” player in his future career be it college, semi-pro or the professional ranks. Our players have proven to be great role models for younger children in the billet home, as they demonstrate hard work and determination to achieve tough goals.
What is Expected of the Billet Family?
The billet family needs to provide an adequate living space which includes a bedroom with furnishings and closet space, this can also be shared with another team member if the space permits. The billet family also needs to provide nutritious food and meals when applicable for the player.
What Is Expected of the Player?
Players are expected to provide their own personal care items, cell phones, media equipment and take care of their own transportation needs (most will have their own vehicle). They must adhere to all team and house rules as well as show respect and consideration towards all family members. They are also expected to keep their space within the house clean and contribute to house hold chores. Your generosity will not be taken for granted.
How Long Is the Billet Family Commitment?
This will vary depending on the player. Some are with the family during main camp and pre-season only while others require a home for the duration of the season. Depending on the season this may be from late August to the end of May. Most players will go home during the holidays or as the schedule permits.
To cover expenses, billet families are paid monthly for each player in their home as well will receive a Season Ticket for each player in your home. Some families have found it easier to house two players as they can travel together and are company for each other.
Billet families have included traditional 2-parent families, single parent families and “empty-nesters”. All that’s needed is the willingness to help a player pursue his dream by providing “A Home Away from Home”.
Be part of our team! If you are interested in the possibility of becoming a Billet or want more information please contact our Billet Coordinators or apply below

Renee Waldbauer at 306-730-7334 or

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